There are many reasons to add entrance mats to entryways

You have many responsibilities as the manager or owner of your business. We know that floor mats for your entranceways are not high on your priority list, but it should be. These are five reasons that entrance mats make business sense.

Messaging exposure – Your logo and message will be visible to everyone who walks through your business’ doors every day when you use custom-made floor mats.People notice what’s under their feet. Studies have shown that 64% retail shoppers notice the mats underneath their feet.It’s possible to make a huge impact if you put your message on the floor.

Increase sales – This increased exposure does more than help you get more name recognition. It can also lead to some very exciting results for sales.

Less expensive than renting – Many business owners believe that renting generic mats is cheaper than buying their own.

Clean floors – You’re making a positive first impression by choosing custom entry mats. Your custom mats will keep dirt, debris, and water off your floors and carpets by being placed at every entryway. This will not only keep your business cleaner but also make it possible to save money.

Increase safety – Safety is not the most important reason to choose entrance mats. The risk of a customer or employee being injured if they slip and fall on your floor is reduced with our custom mats. There are significant savings and risk reductions. Slip and fall injuries are responsible for 85% of all workers’ compensation claims. Purchase custom-made entry mats to reduce your risk.

Protect Your Carpets from Germs and Other Contaminants – These contaminants can get lodged in the fibers of your carpets or into the grout between your tiles. This requires professional carpet cleaning or grout cleaning .

Carpet maintenance should be reduced – If dirt and dust are being brought into your home by visitors’ shoes, you will need to vacuum, spot and deep clean more often to ensure a safe and clean environment. Professional Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning are recommended at least twice per year. However, if you do not use entrance mats, professional floor cleaning may be required up to four times per year.

Define your Brand – A personalized mat makes a great first impression when you enter your business’ front door. That building is yours, and that company is yours. It consolidates your brand and gives it life. There are many styles and sizes available. All of our products are professionally installed by our skilled technicians as part our service.

Make a positive impression – It’s a win-win situation to get rid of all the dirt. It reduces risk and creates a cleaner environment. You can feel confident that your guests and customers will recognize your company as it is by removing all mud and other debris. Professional.

You can drastically reduce dirt that is trampled in your workplace by having enough floor mats.

You can easily create your own design and style for your custom entrance mats. To learn more about the options such as waterhog mats that is available for you, visit our website.

By Charles R. Zimmerman

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