How to Make Sure Your Stuff Won’t Get Lost In the Move

Picture this: you move to a new home with less stress, have not made any mistakes, and are now ready to settle. You open your boxes only to realize you have lost some of their most valuable items. You will be broken and might feel like the stress was not worth it. It can be a devastating and sickening experience when you cannot get the items back. There are different reasons why you could lose your items. Maybe you packed in a hurry and left the box, or the items were lost during transit.

In some cases, you might have landed in the hands of scammers who stole your items. All in all, you need to know not to lose your items during moving. Here is what you should do.

Hire Reputable Movers

You first need to ensure your items will arrive safely by researching the movers and going for the most reliable options. Ask your friends, family, or someone who has moved recently to recommend you the best movers. Check if the movers are licensed and how they have handled their clients. Ensure you go for reputable and trustworthy movers like Brooks Transfer & Storage to ensure your items will be safe.

Create a Moving List

It is also advisable to create a moving checklist to check everything as you pack. An inventory ensures you don’t leave important things behind. Make sure you also indicate the rooms you have already packed. With such a plan, the chances of leaving important things behind are minimal.

Label the Boxes

Putting your items anywhere without labeling increases the chances of misplacing or losing them. Therefore, it is best to put similar items in the same box and label it. If not, put things from the same room in the box and use color code to differentiate the boxes. It is an excellent approach to handling the items well and not losing anything.

Pack One Room at a Time

Packing one room at a time is another method of ensuring you don’t lose your items. It provides you are organized and complete one room before going to the next. When you move room by room, you will not misplace anything or put an item in the wrong box. Furthermore, it makes it simpler to label the boxes.

Keep Personal Items with You

It is always advisable to keep valuable and personal items with you in the car and not load them in the truck. You never know what will happen during transit and no matter how much you trust the movers, always keep your personal items with you. In fact, some movers will tell you not to load things like personal documents, family photos, jewelry, and sentimental items in the truck.

Get Insurance

Insurance is a vital element that protects your items and ensures you are compensated should you lose or damage your goods. Some movers provide insurance, but it is advisable to purchase yourself to ensure everything is covered.

Keep Your Items Safe during Moving

You need to do these vital things to ensure you don’t lose your precious valuables when moving. Get insurance, hire reputable movers and confirm everything is in place before relocating.

By Charles R. Zimmerman

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