How much is a metal roof in Canada?

The type of roof you want to install decides the metal roofing cost. Flat roofs need different kinds of metal shingles, sealants, fasteners and workmanship in comparison to steep sloped roofs. However, the inclination slope of the roof can increase the labor charges as it adds to the complexity of the project.

Factors that affect the metal roofing installation cost in Canada

According to a metal roofing company, there are several factors that add to the installation cost of a new steel roof. Check them out and plan your budget accordingly.

Steel roofing designs: The design of the metal roof chosen by you is assessed whether you pick interlocking steel panels or overlapping panels. Both have their own pros and cons which impact the cost. Hence, consult with your metal roofing company representative to know which one is right for your project.

Metal roof coating: You can call it metal roof finish also. The coating you pick for the roof has a major role in the calculation of cost. While polyester coatings are low priced, PVDF is regarded a high alternative and thus costs more.

The layout of the roof: Before beginning the installation process, check if your roof is flat or slant. Will the roof lead to an alleyway which can make the access difficult? The layout of the house affects the roof quote you get from the contractors.

Paint: This point is optional, but something to consider if you want to get your metal roof painted. It enhances the curb appeal of your home and keeps your roof in good condition for long. Hence, it should be a part of your renovation project and hence the cost should be included in the installation.

Metal roof underlayment: The roof underlayment is additional protection. The underlayment works together with coating and paint to safeguard your roof from elements. It increases the cost of roof installation but is totally worth it.

Getting rid of the old roof: When calculating the cost of metal roof installation, you should also consider the charges of disposing of your old roof. Depending on the weight of the material, it will impact the metal roof installation cost.

Labor charges: This is something you really don’t want. Irrespective of the other factors, the contractor you choose has the power to make or break your investment. Hence do proper research and choose the right contractor to ensure the labor cost you pay for the installation is worth every penny.

The metal roofing cost is usually 2-3 times more than asphalt roofing installation. However, considering the longevity of the metal roofs and the lack of constant maintenance and repairs, you will save with a metal roof in the long run. All in all, they are a long-term solution to meet your roofing needs.

Some people may find the cost a little overwhelming, but it is a good investment which adds to the market value of your house. So, pick a reliable metal roofing company to buy a quality metal roof and use the best installation processes to get it done right.

By Charles R. Zimmerman

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