4 Things You Should Know About Dust Mites

4 Things You Should Know About Dust Mites

Mites contain about 45,000 species that have been formally named but the most common among them is ‘House dust mites’. They are microscopic creatures, invisible to the human eye. There is size is about 250 to 300 mm in microns and they are proven to cause allergies and asthma. D. farinae is a dust allergen found in dust particles mostly in America and Europe but rare in Australia and New Zealand. Common symptoms of getting exposed to these allergens are sneezing and running nose. They are found in every house especially in areas where dust accumulates like bedding, closet, carpet, fabric upholstery, furniture, corners etc. They find their food source in dust, in the form of shredded human flesh, yeast and bacteria. They live in their food, lay eggs there, defecate in it and eventually die in it. They prefer warm and moist surroundings like the inside of a mattress. Although most people are disgusted by dust mites; they’re not really harmful to the human body physically but can cause allergies. High humidity, poor ventilation, high temperature and pollutants indoor can make situation worse and summers is the peak time for rise in dust mites. How to get rid of mites?

It’s impossible to get rid of the dust mites completely but steps can be taken to decrease their number. The most useful way to get rid of this pesky pest is to cover the mattress with a plastic sheet. A plastic sheet provides cover as a shield from the dust mites and their feces to keeps them away. Using air conditioning or proper ventilation in the summers is equally important as the mites dwell on the high temperature and humidity but that doesn’t necessarily mean they diminish during winters. The best thing to do in winters is to use de-humidifier to lower the humidity and moisture in the air. Do wash the bed sheets, pillows and blankets in hot water at least twice a week. For bed sheets and covers that cannot be washed in the hot water put them in freezer for 1 or 2 days. Keep the house clean and clean it daily especially the corners where dust is accumulated mostly. Use air filters to keep the dust to minimum and our surroundings dust free. Use the carpets least as possible instead use laminated flooring or wooden flooring to keep the dust away as carpets restore the dust particles in which mite’s feces and lay eggs. Use steam cleaners to clean objects that aren’t suitable for washing machine. You can use them on curtains, cushions, sofa fabric, carpets etc. The steam kills the bacteria, removes dirt and of course kills the mites. Pets carry dirt and dust along as they wander in and out of the house and mites love pet dander. So, keep your pets away from your rooms. Make pets sleep outside or in the garage if possible and limit their indoor freedom to one or two rooms. All the above instructions are useful method to lower mites, but in case the allergies persists. Pest control services help in destruction of mites using insecticides and chemical sprays.

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