Interior designing and space planning for new construction and renovations for 2019

How an interior designer can utilize your space!

Wondering how to go about designing your new space or how to spruce up an outdated area? With so many design options, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact look you’re going for. Hiring an interior designer for home renovations and new construction projects is a useful first step to creating a space you’ll love.

Why Hire a Designer?

Hiring a professional for an in-home project takes a lot of the stress and worry out of the design process. Interior designers are skilled in bringing your exact vision to life. They’ll know how to shop for the features that match your specific tastes, all while sticking to your budget.

In addition, their guidance during the project will help you make better design choices going forward. Interior design professionals like those at Designer Premier will know exactly how to bring about your vision.

Design for New Construction

If you’re working on a new construction project, you may need to hire an architect. These professionals help during various stages of the construction process, and they’ll handle elements like roofing, plumbing, and electrical work. They’ll be providing guidance to the builders throughout the project.

Luckily, most interior designers work alongside architects on new constructions builds. They can discuss your exact design preferences with the architect on your project and provide insight for your design layout. Since they’ll be basing their work on your vision, make sure you have a design plan in mind while working on new construction.

Your design professional can help you create a schematic that will show the inside and outside design elements on the project. Once this is finalized, the architect can start the build.

Design for Renovations

Interior designers are the perfect solution to those simple renovations and additions around your home. Use a professional designer for small projects like bathroom and kitchen remodels or to simply update your home furnishings and overall design. During your renovations, a designer will provide you with several quotes that include pricing on materials and design elements. Go shopping with your designer so they can get a feel for your likes and dislikes, what works in your space, and your overall goals for the project.

No matter the project, interior designers are here to help things run as smoothly as possible and find the right design fit for your lifestyle. It’s important to find a designer you trust and feel comfortable working with. After all, you’ll be entrusting them with the interior of your living space.



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