5 Things You Need To Know About Palm Trees Today

Palm trees bring to mind tropical breezes, hammocks, fruity frozen drinks with little umbrellas and long, slow afternoons on the beach. It is easy to add that tropical feel to your home by incorporating palm trees jacksonville fl. You may be surprised to know that palm trees have been around since Biblical times (remember Palm Sunday?) and that they have many more uses than just decorating your dad’s Hawaiian shirt. Read on for some fun facts about the humble palm.

Some Are Imposters

All palm trees aren’t even trees. Some are actually large, woody herbs. They have no bark, no growth rings, and their inside is the same as the outside. Some palms may grow in the shape of woody vines or shrubs. These types of palms are more closely aligned genetically with turf grass, bamboo and sedges.

There Are Many Uses for the Fruit

Palm trees produce a large amount of fruit. Edible palm fruits that are easily recognized are coconuts and dates. Saw Palmetto and Acai Berry are popular as dietary or weight loss supplements. Other uses include wine, jelly, oil and even biodiesel. The sap is also sometimes used to make palm sugar. The betel nut is chewed to expel tapeworms from humans and fight roundworms.

All Palms Aren’t Tropical

Some types of cold-hardy palms can survive in sub-zero temperatures, though not for long. The McCurtain Dwarf Palmetto from Oklahoma is known to have survived frigid conditions down to -24°F. The ‘Bulgaria’ Windmill Palm grows in Bulgaria and has survived temperatures as low as -17°F. In Washington D.C. during the winter of 2013-2014, the Bulgaria Windmill Palm survived what was termed the Polar Vortex.

Dreaming of Them May Foretell Good Luck

In dreams, the palm tree represents power, prosperity, and victory. Touching the palm in the dream may mean that you are in line for a senior-level promotion. If the tree is very tall and lush, it is believed that all your dreams will come true.

The Oil Has Multiple Uses

Palm oil has medicinal properties and is used for treating malaria and cyanide poisoning. It can also be used to prevent vitamin A deficiency, treat dementia, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Palm oil can be used for cooking. It not only contains vitamin E and beta-carotene, but it may have some antioxidant properties. Manufacturers also use palm oil to make toothpaste, soap, makeup and even ink and lubricants.

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