Creating a family-friendly decor

Just because you have kids does not mean you should abandon your personal style or throw out your fancy coffee table, unless it’s unsafe of course. Although it does require an eye for style to find a way to create a sophisticated space that’s also family-friendly. So, here are some tips to be inspired by for ideas for a child-proof interior.

Frame Your Kid’s Art

Frame the best work of your children and to show them off with pride. This will help you keep them ‘forever works’ and you can see display them in fine, professional-looking frames, arranged in a floor-to-ceiling classical network.

Steer away from pink or blue

Colours and patterns are always welcome in the children’s room, where play and fun are encouraged. But that does not mean you have to work within the narrow gender expectations of pink and blue. A fun and fresh idea is to use green wallpaper which will transmit energy whilst offering a soothing backdrop to playtime.

Display found objects

Rocks, pebbles, seashells and any other bits of ‘treasure’ that you and your children have discovered on your travels make wonderful adornments and accessories around the home. Finding items also tends to be a more affordable choice than investing in fancy décor accessories.

Select wallpaper wisely

Silk is not a kid-friendly choice as grubby hands and spills can damage real silk fast. Children love to pull things and some types of luxury wallpaper might be too tempting to leave alone. Instead, try wallpapering your ceiling for fun (which is also conveniently out of reach) or opt for removable cheap wallpaper, that isn’t meant to last forever anyway.

Give kids a timeless look in their rooms

When decorating a child’s bedroom or one of the common areas such as a playroom that will grow with them, it’s all about investing in classic pieces, so you do not have to switch again and again. Add in the things they want, but keep their wishes by using smaller pieces that are quicker and cheaper to swap out when they grow out of them. This leaves you in control of the more expensive, important items that you can make sure are timeless and classic, like the fun and funky Egg Chair from Pash Classics

Create a place to play

Design a play space that makes you want to be a kid again? Complete with a comfortable cosy corner nook for reading, an area for climbing, and a hiding place under the stairs, for example. These are the kinds of spaces that endlessly inspire wonder and delight. You could even enclose the area with a cute custom-made fence or separate striped carpets or rugs to help keep the mess in the designated kid zones.

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