What Happens to Your Life If You Become a Hoarder?

Hoarding is a compulsive disorder that afflicts people who have difficulty parting ways with various material possessions in their lives. It may start with small items like books, magazines, pieces of clothing, and other collectibles. But in a matter of years, it can take a turn for the worse and become vast piles of junk. Being a hoarder does not only affect you as a person, but it also affects family members, including your spouse and kids.

Hoarding can lead to severe fights because of poor living conditions. Also, the people you live with could stop inviting their friends to come over because of all the clutter inside your household. If you are currently in this kind of situation, you need to do something drastic to change your way of living. Getting in touch with Evergreen Junk Removal in San Francisco can help you sort out your stuff and get rid of all your clutter in no time.

However, after cleaning your place, it is still essential for you to get to the root cause of the problem. Unresolved issues can cause more clutter to pile up in just a matter of time. There is no quick fix when it comes to dealing with a hoarding issue but here are some things that you need to understand to help you get past this condition successfully.

What is hoarding?

Hoarding is a lot different from collecting. Most hoarders do not care about the value of the items that they love to keep. Some people hoard empty plastic containers, food boxes, soda cans, thinking that they could be useful. Long-time hoarding has some severe effects that can cause a family to fall apart. Some people may incur a significant amount of debt, while some marriages could end in divorce.

What are the usual sign and symptoms?

Hoarding is a serious problem, and you need to identify some of its most common symptoms so you can seek much-needed help.

  • If you are having a hard time throwing away some of your things.
  • If you are starting to feel anxious when you see someone touching your stuff.
  • You no longer care about organizing your things.
  • You begin to panic if you notice that some of your stuff went missing.

How to put an end to hoarding?

Decluttering and throwing away junk items only solves one part of the problem, but the thing is you have to know the reasons behind your decision to hoard. You may feel too overly attached to something because of various reasons. Does it remind you of your past? Do you feel secure with all your clutter? These things should be discussed with a professional psychiatrist for you to get the proper assessment for your condition.

Lastly, always remember that hoarding problems should be addressed seriously before it’s too late. A lot of relationships have been damaged irreparably because no one from the family made any attempts to put an end to the hoarding situation.

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