Best Bath Design Ideas for Small Houses  

Houses in the UK are getting smaller in terms of floor size. That is a fact. Younger homeowners face dealing with more cramped dwellings and less space.

However, a smaller house is not the end of creativity. While it may be challenging to pack the house so that it snuggly contains all your living essentials, there are some simple yet innovative ways to maximise your space in the home without sacrificing the aesthetic.

Here are some decorating ideas for cramped bathrooms:

  1. Hanging fixtures

Hung mirrors, triangular corner shelves, and a floating lavatory work just as well as their fixed or built-in counterparts. The fact that they do not cover the floor gives the room the appearance of having more substantial breathing and floor space.

  1. Tiered storage

Instead of traditional bulky drawers or shelves, use high tiered storage. Compared to ordinary furniture, these types of storage options utilise vertical space instead of horizontal. That makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms because they use their height instead of their width to store bathing essentials.

  1. Paint and wallpaper

Repainting confined spaces like rooms or an attic is a strategy you can use to create the illusion of space. Colouring a ceiling white above a freestanding tub makes the room look larger.

In addition to paint, wallpaper also has the same effect, and may even be more aesthetically appealing compared to a monochromatic wall.

  1. Continuity

One tip that the majority of interior designers would recommend for making small spaces look big is by adding continuity. You can achieve this by using the same tiles for all the walls in the bath, which makes any room look spacious because the continuity gives the effect of endlessness.

Combine this technique with hung furnishings, and you will instantly have an elegant looking bathroom.

  1. Transparent shower enclosure

Instead of using pods which possess a bulky appearance, consider using a transparent shower enclosure. Opaque shower casings block out some parts of the room, so it makes any place look smaller than it already is. Using transparent material like glass makes your room appear both larger and classy.

  1. Small furniture

Before buying furniture for your bathroom, make sure that items will fit. Most appliances for sale are designed according to average room sizes, and this will naturally dwarf any room if you try to squeeze all those in.

Size is not a limit to your creativity

The expanse of your floor space should not be the determining factor for your creativity and comfort. Although modern times have brought smaller houses, this does not mean that you will have to sacrifice style.

Rethinking how you use your space and using a splash of colour or using more appropriate furnishings as mentioned in this article are not the only ways to utilise the space in your home. There are many other ways because the size of your room should never constrain you from thinking outside the box.

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