Renovating a garage less costly option than an addition

Is your house feeling cramped of late? Or do you have clutters all over the house? Well, in this case, you’ll need extra space to take care of these needs. But does it mean you break the walls of your house to create an extra room? Of course, not. You may have to look for a less costly alternative, which can only be your garage.

If you’re planning to turn your garage into an extra room, you should eye two remodeling options; either a garage addition or garage renovation.

But which of the two options should you go for?

Whenever you’re doing home improvement, the cost is always an important determinant. Therefore, as to whether you should choose renovation or addition, depends on the overall cost of the project.

In reality, building a whole new structure is costlier than working with an existing structure. At this point, we may conclude that renovation is less expensive than an addition. But does it mean we eliminate garage addition from our home exterior refurbishing plans? Not at all.

Both renovation and addition have their unique benefits, and as such, they equally serve the purpose. To help you make a sound choice, we’ll look at these garage improvements separately. From there you can weigh their pros and the cons and see on which side the balance falls.

Garage Addition 

While a garage addition can be a smart investment, the project is costly. Since it’s all about building a whole new structure, you’ll have to bear all the costs that come with new construction. Some of these expenses may include costs for excavation, foundation, and roofing. Therefore, to maximally benefit from the costly project, most homeowners decide to turn the garage addition into a two-story addition with extra living space on top of the garage.

So, what’s the advantage of garage addition? The benefits are so obvious. At least you’ll have an extra living space, and you can make the garage more customized than before.

Garage Renovation

If you choose to remodel your garage, the task won’t be that difficult, considering you’re working with an existing structure. However, you still have to go out of your way to bear the costs that come with the renovation. Even so, it’s still cheaper than an addition.

Carports renovation mostly involves putting up simple structures such as shelves on the walls, repainting, changing the flooring material, and adding both interior and exterior lighting. Usually, the types of renovations applied to depend on what the remodeled garage is intended for. If you’re planning to use it as an extra bedroom, you can put up some additional windows and wardrobes to make it look like one of your sleeping rooms.

What’s the benefit of a renovation? It’s less costly, and easier to implement. However, your home will be without a garage, which lowers its worth.

So, is it renovation or addition? If you’re looking at the cost, renovation is the cheaper option. However, if you want to increase your home’s worth, garage addition will do.

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