3 steps for TV installation

You might have put off the TV for years, and now you want to put on the flat-screen up the wall. The first thing which you have to keep in your mind before installing the TV is that if you are intimidated to do it on your own. Don’t do it if the notion of hanging the TV on the wall gives you cold sweats.

If you want to save your money and want to install your TV on your own, then find a buddy who has already install the TV before. Someday if your child is standing under the television and it fell on him. To avoid such incidents learn the three easy steps for TV installation.

Choose the right tools

A measuring tape

A screwdriver

A drill



Stud finder

Find the studs

The first step which you must do is find a suitable place which will give support to your TV. For this purpose, you have to find the studs in your walls with the stud finder. Make a rough frame of the size of the TV with a pencil and scale. Then make wholes with the drilling machine and complete the frame by poking nails in the frame.

Run wires in the wall

After hanging the frame on the wall, put the wires in the wall. Make sure that the wires you are inserting in the walls are safe to be installed in the walls. They can be challenging for you in future. Buy an extension cord and fold your extra wire in it. so that the clusters of the wires will be covered behind the television.

Place your Tv on the wall

If you are done with installing the frame and the wires. It is very easy to line up the TV on the frame. You might need a helper because the Tv might fall off while installing it on the wall. Once you have hung your TV in the frame if it is not balanced. Lose the bolts from one side of the Tv and tight the bolts from one side. This way your Tv will be levelled. If this trick hasn’t worked you have to do the entire installation again.


If you are comfortable with the whole process of installing TV at your own go ahead and install your Tv in three easy steps. You’ll like the results.

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