Windows: Let the Outdoor In

Glass. It’s history spans about 5,000 years with its earliest record found in Egypt around 3100 BC. (Wikipedia, 2018). Glass has become a way for people to experience a connection to one another without being too intrusive, a way to watch and experience the world from a place of safety and comfort. In a way, glass is our invisible friend.

Over the years, glass has been used for a myriad of reasons. It was only after the perfecting of glass making processes, that windows were installed in homes. Today, one can find glass windows in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors that have been designed in unique ways for use in homes, offices, and other municipal buildings.

What is a glass railing? Glass railings are essentially protective guards around whatever you place them around. Window glass railings are made for different uses and include tempered, safety glass, bullet resistant glass, and burglar resistant materials. Some window glass railings are made perfectly smart. The glass can be tinted with a special material that helps it respond to outside temperatures. “Sean Donahue, CEO at DFW, says the study confirms that the smart glass can reduce cooling costs, and have a positive effect on customer experience and behavior from less glare and cooler temperatures.” (Jeff Kart, 2018) Now, that’s smart!

One will find that glass railings tacoma wa are often seen in businesses and homes around the area. The installation of glass railings for windows has many benefits. Window glass railing are relatively easy to install, and they are manufactured to tolerate extreme weather and are not prone to shatter or crack, making it an excellent choice for any business or home.

Another great feature of window glass railing is that the glass can be treated in a way which resists corrosion from the rain or other environmental elements. Though glass tends to attract smudges and fingerprints, window glass railings are very low in maintenance. It’s important to use cleaners that will not damage the glass or potentially scratch it. It might also be necessary to use cleaners that are pH-neutral; some manufacturers will offer this kind of cleaner to help maintain the warranty. They are extremely durable though and they require very little upkeep other than a regular cleaning with soap and water.

The most exciting feature of window glass railings is that they are highly customizable! They come in a variety of different colors and can also be frosted for more privacy. There is a downside though; window glass railings can be quite expensive, especially if they are customized. Designers can offer several styles of glass railings for windows such as full panel glass or baluster railings. The choice of style can also depend on the location where the window glass railings will be installed. If a homeowner lives on the ocean, the choice might be glass that will withstand the constant blowing of sand. Whatever the choice, window glass railings have become a popular choice for homeowners and businesses.

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