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Every homeowner should have certain tools and supplies available in the event of a plumbing emergency. Here are a few plumbing supplies that will give you the basics for repairing, or at least stagnating, most plumbing problems. Plumbing repair kits everyone deals with a leaky sink, a toilet that does not flush, or water that eventually doesn’t turn off.

Repair kits

We all deal with a leaky sink, a toilet that does not flush, or water that at some point won’t turn off. The best way to deal with this is to make sure you always have repair kits on hand.

Plumber putty

You will be able topurchase this in small tubs at the most of the hardware stores. It is designed to form a temporary seal for leaking pipes or similar parts. If you find that your sink is leaking out of the socket, this is the best thing to do until you can either call a plumbing company or arrange a more permanent solution. Having this material on hand can potentially save you big bucks on water damage repairs and blackhawk supply is a company can provide all these supplies.

Pipe epoxy

Epoxy is also not a permanent solution to a hole in a pipe or hose, but will clog it long enough to hold it in place. Just like with putty, the epoxy resin is good to use. The difference is that the epoxy can generally be used on wet or dry surfaces and creates a more secure bond.

Pipe wrench

You never know when to tighten a bolt in a hard-to-reach place. Pipe wrenches are only designed for this. They are big enough to reach and grip the farthest pipes at the back of a cabinet or wall.

Washers, bolts, nuts

These are so inexpensive that it’s silly not to have extra. You can keep these in a small decorative jar or even in an old coffee tin under the sink. Once you have them, don’t worry if you run out in the middle of a repair to get them.

Drain snake

When a drain isn’t emptying properly, or worse, a toilet resets, the easiest way is to use a snake to remove the clog. If a wooden shoe is left untreated it will only get worse and cost a lot more to repair.

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