Top tips for mobile bar hire

Mostly when people plan a special event and wish to involve drinking, then most probably they consider a venue with already having a bar. Obviously, they end up paying extra but isn’t it a good option to hire a mobile bar that provides their own alcoholic drinks. It is not so difficult to hire a mobile bar for your party or event. Just following these simple tips you can arrange a perfect mobile bar is noticeably less amount but with far high better standards.

So, how to start from the very beginning?

Search the maximum of the mobile bar hire services available in your area. For throughout Kent, Sussex, and surrey SJW Events & Bars could be a perfect option. To choose a perfect mobile bar hire services some key factors to consider are:

  • Keep in mind the volume of your party. The number of people will be attending the event will help you to select the type of bar you will require for the event.
  • Is the event a classy occasion or a flashy affair? You need to go with the theme and have to select a bar that can simply fit into your party environment. SJW events and bars offer two very different but equally inspiring mobile bars for their customers to choose their kind of style to compliment the event.
  • The next tip is getting onto the accessories. You need a glassware range that can satisfy your event needs easily.
  • Never forget the essential presence of bartender or hired staff to serve behind the bar. Generally, for every 60 guests, you should need at least one bartender.
  • For alcohol, the only tip is, just to give a good choice to your guests. It totally depends upon your budget that you go for Champagne or Prosecco. Sometimes the event needs white and red wine or it can demand vodka or simply soft drinks.

Always remember, a bar can be the star of the event and SJW events and bar knows better to be a star.


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