How To Take Care Of Your Wire Baskets?

Wire baskets have diverse use in households. They can be used to store fruits on tabletops, as laundry baskets, store toys, used as art pieces, as book storage, clothes storage, so on and so forth, but how do we take care of them?

Below is how:

Keep them dry

What happens when water and metal meet? Rust happens! And do you want that staining your books, clothes, food or toys? Of course not. So much so ensure that your wire basket is kept as far away from water as possible. This means that if you use your wire basket as a laundry basket, use it only for the dried clothes, and even as you use it for the wet, ensure it dries in the sun or you hand dry it yourself. Wire baskets used as fruit baskets should be kept dry by wiping the fruits the excess moisture before placing them, do not placing the basket inside the fridge unless it is coated.

Coat the naked wires baskets

One genius thing you can do to eradicate the rust problem is by coating the wire basket with paint. The paint will act as a barrier to the moisture and the metal altogether avoiding rust through oxidation. You should do it for all wire baskets serving all the named functions to lengthen thor life-span. For the baskets to storing edibles, ensure you use non-poisonous paint.

Do not overload the baskets

Most wire baskets have flimsy frames that would bend t every instance immense pressure is applied. And that is why you must use a basket to carry only what it can handle. If what you have cannot hold a certain amount of weight, consider getting one that can; otherwise, you will end up with a misshaped wire basket that will be useless. If it is to carry heavy items like books, get wire baskets with a sturdy frame.

Fix the broken parts or repurpose

Sometimes you may find part of the wire basket bent or broken, and it can be fixed, please do so! This reduces the eventualities of you having to spend a few more cash acquiring new ones. Indeed, sometimes the damage might be too much, forcing you not to use the basket anymore, but do you know you can repurpose it. For instance, if you were using it as a laundry basket, and a wire hangs loose, and keeps tearing your clothes, you can cut the flexible wire and use the same basket as a book storing container.


Like any other household item, Wire baskets need to be cared for with utmost attention if you want them to last long. And the suggestions above will help you keep the basket safe and functional until you are ready to buy another one or repurpose what you have. They are beautiful household items that are multifunctional; thus deserve care to serve the longest. You have the secret, so it is up to you to keep them in top shape.

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