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The Best Tips to keep the Grass Healthy and Green

To achieve that, the garden must first be prepared, since during the cold months the areas outside the house are usually relegated to the background due to the hostility of the rains and the wind. It also happens that the extreme conditions that reign in the cold months, causes the vegetation of the gardens to suffer, becoming damaged or drying out due to the low temperatures.

Lawn is one of the elements of a garden that suffer most during the autumn and winter months so do your lawn care properly. The lawn is a busy outdoor area of ​​the house, so you will need specific maintenance to keep it green and should care, see following tips.

Chopped Up

Regular tracing is very important as it helps thicken the grass. As for the technique of cutting, this should be little and often, because it is better than much and at once. Changing the direction and the cutting pattern each time is a good technique so that the roots of the grass do not press in the same direction. It is good to leave a length of approximately 5 cm, but when summer comes it is advisable to leave the grass a little longer, since it will better withstand periods of drought. More information is needed on this point, in this article on you will find more content related to the topic.


From early spring it is advisable to fertilize the lawn every four to five weeks. The grass needs nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, which can be found for sale in mixtures of special fertilizers. To be sure what you buy, it is advisable to read the compositions that are indicated on the packaging.


If you want green and lustrous grass all summer, it is very important that you get enough water. The frequency of irrigation depends on the temperature and humidity. When the grass needs water, it begins to acquire a bluish and grayish hue and the oldest silver leaves begin to curl or wilt. If new grass has been planted, it will have to be watered once a day for the seeds to germinate and form a resistant root system.

Weed Control

With persistence and the right tools, you can win the weed battle. It is necessary to extract them manually and from the root. There are utensils that help in the process, because if they are only cut, they will grow again and again.

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